Distinguished Alumnus Awards and Hall of Fame

Distinguished Alumnus Awards and Hall of Fame

Congratulations 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees
Athletic Hall of Excellence & Contribution Inductees 

and Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumnus Award
Bryce G. Harbaugh (’61)
Alan K. Fellhauer (’63) & Rosie (Faulkner) Fellhauer (’65)
Kevin L. Alexander, O.D., Ph.D. (’69)
Sylvia (Saldana) Washburn (’68)

Athletic Hall of Fame
Brett Boggs (’03)
Kurt P. Olman (’72) (1954–1984)

Hall of Excellence & Contribution
Paul Muenzer (1932–2014)

Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipients

Bryce G. Harbaugh ('61)  
Alan K. Fellhauer ('63) & Rosie (Faulkner) Fellhauer ('65)  
Sylvia (Saldana) Washburn ('68)  
Kevin L. Alexander, O.D., Ph.D. ('69)  
Merle Gulick ('24) 1906-1976
Jack Hiles ('68)
David Shugar ('68)
Carol Anne Hamilton O'Brien ('76)
Louise (Gallaway) Kish ('59)
Barbara Jo (Steele) Ansted Wilson ('67)
Gregory J. Smith ('74)
Carol (Taylor) Tanner ('78)
Benjamin Plowman ('04)
 2016  2015
Howard A. Rhinehalt ('17) 1898-1974
Lowell E. Gallaway ('47)
Ann Fessler ('67)
James (Jack) Steiner ('01)
James L. Chappuis, M.D. ('73)
Charles L. Holland ('75)
Daniel B. Miller ('80)
Stephen J. Macionsky, III ('83)
Amy Braunschweiger ('93)
  2013  2012
Robert S. Hoag ('43) 1924-2012
Frances (Heilman) Anderson ('50)
Alfred Heilman ('53)
Richard H. Carr ('75)
Reginald S. Jackson, Jr. ('64)
George L. Chapman ('65)
DeAnna (Burke) Emborski ('89)
 2011  2010
Thomas E. Brady, Ph.D. ('62)
Lynn E. Olman ('65)
James W. Hyland, III ('69)
Robert L. Knepper ('77)
Bonnie (Betts) Staffel ('39)
Richard W. Kazmaier ('48)
James R. Cannaley ('63) 1945-2011
Douglas G. Smith, M.D. ('76)

Nominate Maumee Grad for Distinguished Alumnus Award - August 15 of each year is the last day to nominate a Maumee High School graduate for the following year's Distinguished Alumnus Award. Please use this NOMINATION FORM. The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor graduates of Maumee High School who have made significant and noteworthy achievements as successful adults in their chosen careers and/or have served as benefactors to mankind. Winners will be notified by September 15 and the induction ceremony and banquet are in January each year.