The Need

Why a foundation?


School is about becoming. Growing up. Maturing. Transforming. When a student finally moves beyond an 'educational step' he should no longer be who he once was. He should be better. And if I had to say one thing about my time at Maumee High School it would be this—it made me better. I became a better learner. A better son. A better teammate. A better friend.

The administrators, teachers, and coaches at Maumee High School cared about what I learned but they seemed to know that learning was in the service of becoming and it was to that goal they seemed most committed. Thanks to them when it was time for me to move beyond the “educational step” of high school I was no longer who I was when I started—I was better. I like to think my time as a panther started me on a trajectory of becoming. Becoming a better me. And I’m grateful."    

Michael O'Shea
Class of 1998


Today, more than ever before, Ohio public school are doing more with less.

In Maumee, like communities across the state, budgets are severely strained by stagnant state funding and increasing unfunded mandates.

Maumee High School prides itself on fiscal responsibility and is vigilant in seeking cost-saving opportunities. The majority of school expenses are personnel costs. We are fortunate to have a very experienced, highly educated teaching staff. 

We have already reduced expenses and have reached the academic tipping point where additional cuts will have a significant and devastating impact on programs and services provided to students.

Because of these challenges, we need your help.