Our Goals

Together, we can make a difference


School is about becoming. Growing up. Maturing. Transforming. When a student finally moves beyond an 'educational step' he should no longer be who he once was. He should be better. And if I had to say one thing about my time at Maumee High School it would be this—it made me better. I became a better learner. A better son. A better teammate. A better friend.

The administrators, teachers, and coaches at Maumee High School cared about what I learned but they seemed to know that learning was in the service of becoming and it was to that goal they seemed most committed. Thanks to them when it was time for me to move beyond the “educational step” of high school I was no longer who I was when I started—I was better. I like to think my time as a panther started me on a trajectory of becoming. Becoming a better me. And I’m grateful."    

Michael O'Shea
Maumee High School

Class of 1998


The Panther Pride Foundation was created to meet the needs of our students and community.

Panther Pride Foundation Goals:

Ensure Maumee High School has the resources needed to educate the whole student. 
Engage students in critical thinkig, problem solving, communication, collaboration, innovation, team work and creativity to thrive as tomorrow's leaders.

Inspire a lifelong love of learning and a commitment to serving the community. 
Make education meaningful by connecting classroom learning with the broader context of citizenship within the community.

Stay competetive with other high schools in order to at tract families to the community. 
Invest in quality programs and facilities to attract and retain residents.

Put our best face forward. 

Ensure our facilities, stadium, and campus reflect the high-quality academics, arts and athletics we are known for.

Support local property values and quality of life.
 Compliment and enhance the exiting Maumee community and attract potential homebuyers to our area by providing competitive, high-performing schools, facilites, and programs.

Provide an opportunity to give back.
Offer a vehicle for loyal and committed alumni and community members to support the high school philanthhropically.

For more information on how to support MHS through the Panther Pride Foundation, contact- Sarah Otis, Development and Alumni Relations Director. (sotis@maumeek12.org)